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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Topio Dio: World’s first bartender robot

Robots are slowly taking place in our lives whether we like it or not. So far, we have seen several robots, some of them will work in space stations, while others will help us move heavy objects. Some robots are capable of simple things such as walking and running while others can do complex things such as playing the violin. We’ll have to admit that robots will become a huge part of our life someday, and this new robot is here to prove it. This new robot is 125 cm tall and it weights 45 kg. Besides that, it comes with 28 joints, three wheels, integrated camera sensor and with WiFi compatibility. So what can this robot do? Well, this robot works like a bartender and it will pour and serve you your favorite drink. We’ve seen many different robots but this is the first one that can serve drinks. There aren’t many details about this robot and only thing that we know is that is called Topio Dio and that it comes from Vietnam. We don’t know how this robot actually works but we are sure that Topio Dio isn’t cheap, so if you want your robotic bartender you better start saving money.
Overall, Topio Dio looks interesting because he’s the only robotic bartender on the world. Maybe Topio Dio will replace actual bartenders one day, but even if it looks cool with its shades Topio Dio won’t be able to chat with you, at least not yet.

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joegrimjow said...

robot still a machine

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